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Deepen Your Practice
Connect with Your Subtle Body

Come Experience the 8-Limbed Forest

Why Choose Mama Gaia's Zen Garden?

At Mama Gaia's Zen Garden, we pride ourselves on being a one-of-a-kind yogic camping retreat center. Nestled in nature, our furnished all-season yurts provide a homey touch while immersing you in the great outdoors. Our labyrinth invites guests to gain perspective, while our seated meditation patio is perfect for introspection. The focus is on sustainable, eco-friendly living, and our composting restrooms and camping showers let visitors be one with nature without sacrificing comfort. Our teahouse and community fire pit are perfect places to socialize and relax, and we offer farm-fresh eggs and biscuits, homemade pizzas and professional fire performances for those seeking entertainment.


Yoga Therapy Practices for Mood Regulation

Guided Deep Relaxations

Morning Meditations at the Cossatot Falls and Hiking at the Cossatot River

Private Yurt Accommodation in the 8-Limbed Forest

Meet Our Team

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Jacquelyn Stillwagon

Founder & 500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher

As the founder of Mama Gaia's Zen Garden, Jacquelyn is passionate about helping individuals find deep relaxation and connection with their true selves. She is deeply committed to this philosophy, has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and insights with her students.


Her extensive experience allows her to help individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds, and her compassionate and mindful approach to teaching makes her an excellent choice for those seeking a more profound connection to their practice.

In 2019 she found a love for the flow arts as a part of her moving meditation practice, and has had a passion for exploring the vast array of flow arts props ever since. She is a professional fire dancer, fire eater, & fire breather and has performed at numerous events in the Midwest.  


She is currently finishing school in the fall of 2024 to become a Clinical Yoga Therapist & Clinical Herbalist. Her knowledge and experience will help you find peace and harmony in your life. Come visit us at Mama Gaia's Zen Garden and discover the benefits of therapeutic yoga and holistic modalities.


Sarah Abear

Artist & Flow Arts Performer

Sarah Abear is a mostly self taught artist who has recently called Oklahoma home.


They graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, and have taken that appreciation of illustrative work into their paintings. They have live painted at over 50 festivals and galleries, and have also found a new passion for mural work. They are continually inspired by nature and try to reflect that love into their work. 


Along with an appreciation for painting and anything creative, Sarah also enjoys the flow arts and performing. They have been a juggler for over 21 years and have a new, fun, and very silly clown persona named Jiggles, and they hope that their joy of creativity is inspiring to anyone who strives to be their best, and authentic self. 

Instagram: @Sarah.Abear.Art


Michael Mazzenga

Drum Teacher & Astrologer

Michael will be leading the One Beat drum class & HEART💓BEAT drum circles during our Deep Relaxation Therapeutic Yoga Retreats!


Michael is a lifelong drummer and professional drum teacher who has been trained in several genres & is also a Professional Astrologer & Tarot Reader.


Michael will be facilitating Astrology & Tarot Readings during the retreat as well.  He provides personal chart readings, group classes, workshops, and private instruction.


If you’d like to connect with him one on one he can be reached via FB Messenger and via email:

Come stay in the 8-Limbed Forest at Mama Gaia's

Nestled within the beautiful natural surroundings of Mama Gaia's Zen Garden, we offer a unique opportunity to escape from everyday life and find peace in nature. Our 2-night minimum is perfect for a quick getaway, and our serene location ensures maximum relaxation. Book your stay through Hipcamp and experience the tranquility for yourself.



On-site Amenities

Private Getaway

Flexible Stays

How Deep Relaxation Therapeutic Yoga  Practices Change Our Lives

Helps You Connect with Nature

At Mama Gaia's Zen Garden, we believe that connecting with nature is key to finding inner peace and bringing balance in our lives. Our Therapeutic Yoga practices will help you on this journey.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Our Therapeutic Yoga practices are designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety and find balance in your life.

Improves Mental Clarity

Therapeutic Yoga practices can help improve your mental clarity and focus, allowing you to be more present in your daily life.

Promotes Emotional Wellbeing

At Mama Gaia's Zen Garden, we believe in promoting emotional wellbeing through our Therapeutic Yoga practices. Join us today and find your inner peace.

Find Your Zen

Join Us for a Guided Deep Relaxation

Anxiety & Stress Relief

Duration 14:04

Take a moment to find your inner peace and connect with your true nature. Join us for a guided deep relaxation.

18 Point Marma Deep Relaxation
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"Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart"
~ Nischala Joy Devi

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